professor kubínek meets the symphony


“What's amazing about the show is how brilliant Tomáš is - as a comedian and as an entertainer - there's something about him that is so warm and endearing and terrific and that spirit is captured by the orchestra. This is a program that is absolutely compelling and can travel to any orchestra anywhere in the country with great success.”

Ernest Richardson - Resident Conductor, OMAHA SYMPHONY

“Hilariously funny as well as musically astute, this heartfelt performance is unlike any other. Transforming the orchestral experience for connoisseurs and novices alike, this program redefines the nature of creativity.”


“A brilliant performance! The collaboration between the Conductor, the Orchestra, and Tomáš was unlike anything our audience has experienced. The enthusiasm about Saturday's show is high and there is a lot of buzz up here. I just had someone come in for tickets and then stop in to see me - he had 20 minutes of great things to say about the performance on Saturday night. He thought it was so refreshing and repeatedly talked about how he doesn't like orchestras, but he loved the other night and loved the humor and that he keeps thinking of things that happened and then laughs to himself.”

Tanya Gertz - Director of Programming CFL Concert Hall, Luther College

“Masterfully played comedy...That secret mixture of daring, talent and utter foolishness.”


“When the competition is the London Symphony Orchestra, Rostropovich, Al Hirt, Pete Fountain, Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Joshua Bell, the Prague Festival Ballet, Butch Thompson, Erich Kunzel and the like, but my board members are all talking about Kubínek, I know something must have gone right. What can I say? He is a jewel.”

"Move over Victor Borge and PDQ Bach.

  Another performer is about to turn classical music

   upside down."    D. Nollen – SOURCE MEDIA