professor kubínek meets the symphony




Produced by Hancher Auditorium

Created and Performed by Tomáš Kubínek 

Musical Director - Maestro Timothy Hankewich

Special Score Arrangements - Steve Shanley

Technical Director - Derek Shonrock

Lighting Design - Matthew E. Adelson

Costume Design - Jane Edmondson

Performance and Prop Advisor - Al Simmons

Orchestra Librarian - Heather Huckleberry

Music Historian - Larry Wallach

Movement Coach - Grindl Kuchirka

Mask Consultant - Robert Faust

Puppetry Design Consultant - Joseph Cashore

Web Design - Little Jacob Mediaworks

Contract Negotiation - Micocci Productions L.L.C.

Representation - Opus 3 Artists L.L.C. New York

Documentary Film Footage - Kevin Kelley

Photography - Linda Edge Dunlap, Mike Stenerson - Centre for Media Production, University of Iowa.

Music Composed by - Mikhail Glinka, Stephen Foster, Antonín Dvořák, Giuseppe Verdi, Gioacchino Rossini, Tradi Tional, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Nacio Herb Brown, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jacques Offenbach, Ernest Bucalossi, Sheldon Brooks, Georges Bizet, Ludwig van Beethoven, Pietro Mascagni and Brian Chapman.

Very special thanks to:

Donato Sartori and family and Il Centro Strutture Gestuali in Italy, Barb and Al Simmons and family, Joseph and Wilma Cashore, Tony Micocci and Martha Savitzky, Elaine Lipcan, Neil Benson, Dan and Carol Kamin, Judith Hurtig, Tim and Jill Hankewich and all of the staff and musicians at Orchestra Iowa, Anouk, Felix Blaska, Heather Fisch, Larry Wallach, Anne Legene, Simon's Rock College at Bard, Dan Lind, The Iowa West Foundation, The National Endowment for the Arts, The Anonymous Family Foundation, Rockwell Collins, ACT, all the friends from Oaknoll Retirement in Iowa City, and a huge thank you to Kim and Chuck Swanson and all of the great team at Hancher Auditorium.

This performance is dedicated to the memory of Ewen Vincent Bruce - Poet with a Lariat and Citizen of the World.